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Family Business

Koolco Mechanical was started by Nick and his wife Helen in February 1987. Our business philosophy was simple: Provide the best possible service to the customer, and stand behind all our work. During the time we started our business, the housing construction market was booming. Instead of jumping on the construction band wagon like every new air conditioning company was doing at that time, we decided to focus our efforts on customer service. We are local to Ventura and Santa Barbara counties with our headquarters based out of Oxnard.

About us

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ASHRAE advances the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and related human factors to serve the evolving needs of the public and ASHRAE members.


ACCA is the largest association of HVACR contractors and the preferred service provider for members in all 50 states and worldwide.

Refrigeration Service Engineers Society

Is the definitive industry leader in all segments of the HVAC/R industry providing superior educational training.

Western Regional Masters Builders Association

Western Regional Master Builders Association (W.R.M.B.A.) is a safety trade association consisting of licensed California contractors. W.R.M.B.A. has been active in accident prevention and workplace safety since 1978.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule maintenance?

Schedule a maintenance service call before the heating season starts. If there are any problems with your system, it’s better to find out before it’s freezing outside! Do the same for your cooling system before the sweltering season begins.

How often should I replace A/C air filters?

Replace your heating and cooling air filters every month that they’re in use. Operating your system with old, dirty filters means energy is wasted and your system may even be damaged. While you’re at it, check and clean the filters in your air cleaners and humidifiers.

Why should I actively maintain my A/C system?

Keeping your heating and cooling systems in good working order means your utility bills will be lower, your home will be more comfortable, and you’ll need to call for repairs less often.

(805) 604-0309
(800) ITS-KOOL

539 Montgomery Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93036

Operating Hours

Weekdays 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
24x7 Emergency Service

Koolco Mechanical specializes in all commercial HVAC, Refrigeration and Equipment related services.

539 Montgomery Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93036
(805) 604-0309
(800) ITS-KOOL

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